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Canadian car identification here: Serial Numbers 1935-1964 | 1965-1966
and more information in the reference section here.
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Thread: decoding trim cowl id tags

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    decoding trim cowl id tags

    When asking for help on decoding if everyone would post the way there car is built we could compare options and list the info in the id section.
    my car is a 1967 convertible with ps/p drum brakes, with custom body side molding, 2 speed with switchpitch
    the bottom lin is the option line mine goes like this
    w = custom molding along rocker panel
    2x = not sure
    4c = not sure
    5k = doorgaurd trim
    y = not sure

    It is artic white with a med blue top paint code c-4
    it has blue bucket seats code 191-b
    would like any help on the rest
    thank you

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    Decoding Vin & engine numbers

    I have recently purchased a three-owner, mostly original '55 Roadmaster vonvertible with 79K miles on it. It's in superb condition and is rust-free. The colors are Dover White with a red interior and runs like a dream. The top, top mechanism and seats have been restored to original specs.

    I am new to Buicks and would love to be put in contact with someone or purchase a publication that can decode the mysterious numbers.


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    Some of the information you will want is in the reference section, years in the top menu bar.

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