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Twelve Million Buicks produced in January, 1965
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How about some technical information

1965 Buick Production Figures

Model 43327-Two-Door Coupe(V-6) 12,945
Model 43427-Two-Door Coupe(V-8) 5,309
Model 43335-Station Wagon(V-6, two seats) 2,868
Model 43435-Station Wagon(V-8, two seats) 3,676
Model 43367-Convertible Coupe(V-6) 3,357
Model 43467-Convertible Coupe(V-8) 3,365
Model 43369-Four-Door Sedan(V-6) 13,828
Model 43469-Four-Door Sedan(V-8) 8,121

Model 43535-Station Wagon(V-6, two seats) 1,677
Model 43635-Station Wagon(V-8, two seats) 9,123
Model 43569-Four-Door Sedan(V-6) 10,961
Model 43569-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 72
Model 43669-Four-Door Sedan(V-8) 25,675
Model 43669-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 624

Model 44327-Two-Door Coupe(V-6) 4,195
Model 44427-Two-Door Coupe(V-8) 11,877
Model 44337-Two-Door Sport Coupe(V-6) 4,501
Model 44337-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 48
Model 44437-Two-Door Sport Coupe(V-8) 46,698
Model 44437-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 336
Model 44367-Convertible Coupe(V-6) 1,181
Model 44467-Convertible Coupe(V-8) 10,456
Model 44369-Four-Door Sedan(V-6) 3,385
Model 44469-Four-Door Sedan(V-8) 22,239
Model 44469-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 96

SPORTWAGON SERIES'65 Skylark Sportwagon
Model 44255-Wagon(two seats) 4,226
Model 44265-Wagon(three seats) 4,664
Model 44455-Custom Wagon(two seats) 8,300
Model 444465-Custom Wagon(three seats) 11,166

Model 45237-Two-Door Sport Coupe 15,786
Model 45239-Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 18,384
Model 45269-Four-Door Sedan 37,788
Model 45437-Custom Two-Door Sport Coupe 21,049
Model 45439-Custom Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 23,394
Model 45467-Custom Convertible Coupe 6,543
Model 45469-Custom Four-Door Sedan 22,052

WILDCAT SERIES1965 Wildcat Sport Coupe
Model 46237-Two-Door Sport Coupe 6,031
Model 46239-Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 7,449
Model 46269-Four-Door Sedan 10,184
Model 46437-Deluxe Two-Door Sport Coupe 11,617
Model 46439-Deluxe Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 13,903
Model 46467-Deluxe Convertible Coupe 4,616
Model 46469-Deluxe Four-Door Sedan 9,765
Model 46637-Custom Two-Door Sport Coupe 15,896
Model 46639-Custom Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 14,878
Model 46667-Custom Convertible Coupe 4,398

Model 48237-Two-Door Sport Coupe 6,302
Model 48239-Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 12,842
Model 48269-Four-Door Sedan 12,459
Model 48437-Custom Two-Door Sport Coupe 9,570
Model 48439-Custom Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 29,932
Model 48467-Custom Convertible Coupe 8,508
Model 48469-Custom Four-Door Sedan 7,197

RIVIERA'65 Riviera
Model 49447-Two-Door Coupe 34,586

Total Production...............................600,148