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1954 Wildcat
1954 Wildcat II
Now That's a Buick!!!


How about some technical information

264 or 322 V8s til '55

1954 Buick Production Figures

SPECIAL SERIES'54 Special Estate Wagon
Model 41D-Four-Door Deluxe Sedan 70,356
Model 46C-Convertible Coupe 6,135
Model 46R-Two-Door Riviera 71,186
Model 48D-Two-Door Deluxe Sedan 41,557
Model 49-Estate Wagon 1,650
Model 411D-Stripped Chassis 600

SUPER SERIES'54 Super Sedan
Model 52-Four-Door Sedan 41,756
Model 56C-Convertible Coupe 3,343
Model 56R-Two-Door Riviera 73,531
Model 520-Stripped Chassis 1
Model 521-Stripped Chassis 744

CENTURY SERIES'54 Century Coupe
Model 61-Four-Door Deluxe Sedan 31,919
Model 66C-Convertible Coupe 2,790
Model 66R-Two-Door Riviera 45,710
Model 69-Estate Wagon 1,563
Model 610-Stripped Chassis 1

Model 72R-Four Door Riviera 26,862
Model 76C-Convertible Coupe 3,305
Model 76R-Two Door Riviera 20,404
Model 721-Stripped Chassis 360

SKYLARK'54 Skylark
Model 100 Convertible 836

Total Production 444,609