Straight 8 Identification! Serial number and engine type ?

I hope someone can help. I have read the engine identification, but still not 100% sure what engine number identify the engine type e.g 248, 263 etc.

I attach 3 engine numbers and I appreciate if someone can tell me what age and engine (248, 263, etc.) I have 6 more straight 8 engines and this will help me to do the rest of the identification my self.

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Glenn, let me be the first to say WELCOME. We are glad you are here. Especially with Straight eights!

If I have done it right, the first picture is a 1951 248
the second is a 1950 263
the third is a 1941 248

If one goes to Reference, at the top of this page, then Engine Identification, then, then identification til 1952, the chart will be there.
Be aware, 1942 and earlier, the first digit is the series number
1946 and later the last digit is the series number.

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Thanks a lot for the warm welcoming :) I am very pleased that you found out the age and engine typ as well what digit to read to define age. I hopeI be able to identify the other straight 8ths

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You are welcome, Glenn. Must be a story in having so many straight eight engines.

There are some visual ways to determine which size the engine is, and a few to get close on the year.

The 320 has the crankcase vent inlet on the driver side at the front of the engine behind and below the generator mount bracket.
This vent is at the back of the driver side on the 248/263.

1948 and later , all engines changed to a side motor mount and have a "pad" on each side, about half way back, with 4 bolt holes.

1950 and later, the water pump outlet is connected to the side of the block with a small gooseneck.

All 263 engines , which came out in 1950, have a rib on the cylinder wall on the driver side.

Another is all 320 engine serial numbers are behind the distributor, 248/263 are in front of the distributor.

Hope this helps.

Come back and come often!

Yes! There is a story and I am afraid it is crazy. My new project is a streamliner and connect 2 Buick straight 8 (same engine type) as a straight 16. Some of the other engine are pure spare parts. I have done couple of other crazy projects (Aero engine and Supercharged Lincoln V12), so I think a straight 16 will work even if there will be a lot of challenges. I might come back asking for advice as the project progress regards to the engines. I Appreciate the advice what to look for on the engines types.

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Love your plan. Please keep us informed and send many pictures! Maybe the straight 8 forum is more appropriate. The amount of knowledge here is unbelievable.
the Netherlands
Thanks Duco :) I will keep the Straight 8 forum posted with pics and progress. I do look forward to take part of the great knowledge and experience from the Straight 8 forum.