Sequence number dumb question


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I’m working on a ‘55 special (2 door tour back). I’m trying to determine if it’s a late or early production car.
I’ve figured out how to decode vin & body tags.
The sequence number is; 027492. At a glance it seems to be an early car….but on some other vehicles you subtract your cars number from the total production.
So my dumb question is-
Does the sequence number show your cars exact number or do you subtract it from total production?
Thanks for any help.
Your questions are not dumb. The numbering rules on Buicks were changing about every 2-3 years in the 1950s.

It sounds like the last 6 of the car serial number (027492) are being used to approximate the production date within the ‘55 model year. This will be tough since each of the 8 plants building Buicks started off with 001001 for their first ‘55 car. Your car is the 26492nd one built at one of the plants. That build sequence could be quite early in the model year for a car built in the main Flint, MI plant. It might be very late for a car built in one of the other plants.

The next easiest approach would be to work from the engine number assuming it is original.