extra additional waterway to rear of block


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HI all,
I searched a bit but could not find anything on this subject. Has somebody experience with an additional water pipe from front to rear of the block in order to improve cooling at the back? Mine is a 263 but with 2 SU carburetors. I was thinking of adding a (copper) pipe first and later decide on an additional pump. Were should I pick up and deliver? Did somebody do this. Any idea on drilling and making ( brazing) a connection? Love to hear any comment.
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Buick redesigned the head and block water passages beginning in 1946 so that coolant in the cylinder jackets has to pass all the way back to the #8 cylinder before entering the head. This change improved cooling in the rear cylinders. It was done several years prior to the 263 debut.

The earlier design had water passages from block to head at every cylinder. It's fairly straightforward how supplying additional coolant at say the #8 or #7 cylinder water jacket would keep the back of the engine cooler.

It's not clear how to supply additional coolant with the later series-flow design. This would require some head scratching to figure out how to improve cooling without introducing other problems. Attached are some pages from the '46 Shop Manual supplement that explain the series-flow concept.


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yeah, you'd probably have to do like the NASCAR boys do and convert to a parallel crossflow system somehow. BUT, if you can do it, maybe you could also reverse flow for head first cooling?

the problem with the original flow is that it's a hybrid series - parallel flow in which the water at the back of the engine is stalled out by the flow up from the block into the head at the front. lack of circulation at the back kills things.


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Hi Bob, Yeah, that is a good point. My idea would be very contra productive and make things worse. Reversing and starting at back would be better, but how to do that. Will give it some thought.
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Hi Duco,
How do you came to the problem with overheating ?...
Coolant temperature goes higher and higher ,if its warm outside ?
You race your engine ?..
Or only precautions?...


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Hi Jenz,
No race aspiration. I build a special and like to improve things. I already decided that I will leave this for the future. Thanks
I am not even driving yet as there is a problem with the fuel pump ( see other post) and a few other loose ends.