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  • Hello, i'm new to the buick world. Me and my father just bought a 67 Cali GS , the reason i am writing you is because i seen you responed to a post about a 67 cali gs, i ran the numbers on the car and i was pretty sure we bought a clone, but now i might be changing my mind, the guy customized the car and removed the cali badges, but the photos of the car being restored all the badge's are there. Is there any total proof of what my car is ?, Thanks Greg
    Hi this is Omegaman. Yes the Olds omega came with a factory v8 but I did not look at the trans. But the engine I am looking to put in is a 68-70 Buick 455 BB. I of course will have to rebuild the BBB. What pionters could you give me in rebuilding the motor to make big HP at a more affordable level? Thanks for all your help.
    Some time back you helped me with some questions about my 430 and 455. At the time you where interested in my extra parts and I told you if I got rid of them I would give you first dibs,so here goes. I have a complete 430 with the edelbrock performer intake and the TAperformance 8 quart pan,new reground crank and a brand new cam and lifters from crower.it`s .030 over now and i scored a cylinder and it will need to be bored. also have a 70 455 std bore with bad crank and a spun main bearing with the 70 heads. Have a 72 block std bore and cleanable crank,cyls are rusted on this one so it will need to be bored as well,also have the heads that came with it. Have a set of ne KB hyperutectic .030 for the 455`s. If your interested give me a call at 321-431-6415 My names Joe. I`m only asking 500.00,I paid almost that for the oil pan
    Hello Bob,

    At this moment I am rebuilding a 1966 Buick 225 CI engine 3.7 Litre V6. I found the general specifications, you posted. Do you also know if a service manual (with detailed how-to's) exists for this type of engine?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gerold (from Holland)
    Hi Bob,
    I posted a couple of times and when I went back to the forums they were gone. Is there a waiting period to post or something?
    I assume you are attempting to calculate the potentials of some future project.

    no, just trying to collate data. i realize deck height doesn't have the same implications for the intake that it does on a v-block but i've been getting it for those and i'm somewhat of a completist. you've probably noticed this. :bgrin:

    i've never even seen a Buick Str-8 in person. but the data will be useful for those of you who are looking at them every day.

    After clicking post, I see this message may be tagged onto another convsation regarding bodys. Maybe have a look at:

    that isn't the issue. the issue is, Rob is getting conflicting documentation. you've got a document that says one thing, Rob is saying he's seeing other documents that say other things.

    at this point, i would say we would need a factory manual to answer this definitively.

    This is my first experiment with "friend requests" etc. It's something new on the forum. If you click on someones handle you can add them to your contacts. The program then asks if you would like to ask them as a friend request.

    Anyway, I did try walk out to where I believe I have a 320 block today, but the doors to the shed open out, and guess what! The snow won't let me open them. I expect this will be the problem for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Not longer I hope!

    I assume you are attempting to calculate the potentials of some future project.

    I hope to be pulling a 263 apart in the next month or so.

    After clicking post, I see this message may be tagged onto another convsation regarding bodys. Maybe have a look at:

    was looking in the body reference to find out whether a 71-76 Estate Wagon is based upon a B or C body. There are several of these reference pages all over the internet which are saying it is a C body (I have searched for Olds Custom Cruiser and Pontiac Catalina as well; wikipedia as well on Olds and Pontiac sites) and there are a few which state it is a B body (and only used the some trim of the C bodies (like 4 portholes)... which one is correct??
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