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  • Hey..how have you been..I have been trying to reach you..I still need the parts..I'm ready
    Hey.Bob the funds $110 has been given to my friend and you should get it any day now.. mr. Green
    Hello Bob, it's Jeff Wietzel! How have you been? I was thinking in lieu of recent events I want to find a car that I would be able to restore as a memorial for my father. His old Buick was a '69 Riviera with a 430 4bbl. I'm not too sure if it was a GS or not and was wondering if you could tell me what some of the differences between GS and regular were.
    bob. happy new year. now to start the year off, my 1966 rivi has a blown head gasket, i think. i got the car running, sounds and runs great. but ipulled the breather cap off and saw the coffee colored oil. how hard is it to do a head gasket job on this car? car runs great.
    there is a "member" on this site who goes by caddy47, can you verify this for me. is he a legitimate member, he claims he's interested in my 1966 rivi, and that he needs to get documentation from the colombian government to buy and ship this car over there. but i cant find his profile page anywhere.
    It wasn't for old cars...:) There were no antennas in the windshield in '66. I am not the expert, but I believe they take the same as a common chevy or any other GM distributor.
    bob, HELP!!!
    i was looking for a points and condensor set for my 66 rivi, and it asked if the antenna was run through the wind shield??? i know it has an electric antenna for the radio, what was it talkin about???

    I'm trying to send you a drawing ...its too big to attach....can you send me an e-mail address?
    Bob: I need help! My engine is a '49 block with 3/4 cam by Elgin, 9 to 1 pistons by Ross, three carb manifold, headers, polished ports and combustion chamber, balanced, etc. The engine is installed in a 1940 Series 80 limited sedan. I plan to order a custom distributor from from Performance Distributors. They will tailor the advance curves to any specs I call for. The stock unit I have I know is tired and will be replaced. If I set the timing to stock specs, it is smooth at lower rpm and load and pings like mad under higher load and RPM. If I retard it to get rid of the ping, then it runs very rough at lower rpm.
    What would you suggest as:
    1. Initial Set point
    2. Machanical advance curve
    3 Vacuum advance curve
    This is not to be a racing engine (can you imagine a black limo at the drags?) But I just wanted to have a good running engine with good power and hopefully some decent mileage. Hope you can help me.
    6, you can find it in the refenece section under tune up specs, or the '66 chassis manual is also in the reference section.
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