69 GS 400 trim code help odd color

New here, need help! I picked up this car last weekend and was told it was original, but I’m thinking it might’ve been painted. The interior is odd. I’ve checked the codes. There is a three digit code next to the trim three digit code that I cannot figure out what it is. Is it mean that there’s something special about this car with the interior? I am new Buicks but am picking up a second this week.
TR 186 BB0 or B80 77D


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I am sure you have found that 186 is Buckskin. I had to do some looking around, and it seems that B80 may be "Roof Drip Scalp Molding".

Found reference HERE, HERE,
Yeah, I think I figured that out to. I was really trying to find something on that interior with the two tone just wasn’t sure if that was an option or just someone decided to do that to match the outside.
I expect the fabric seat inserts were added sometime. When I purchased my GS400 the previous owner had grown tired of sweating on the vinyl covering and reupholstered them with velour inserts in a similar fashion to yours. I like it, and if I ever do the seats, I will have custom covers made with velour inserts, much more comfortable on hot days.