What are the best ignition/fuel upgrade suggestions for the Straight 8?


Hey All,
Pretty green here, so sorry if my questions seem amateur. I want to make sure the car is reliable and starts well. Currently as a 6 volt car, the car needs to be primed with fuel in the carb to get started when it sits for a long time. The mechanical fuel pump has been removed by someone in the past for whatever reason and has a block off plate on the block, and an electric one has been installed near the tank that is frankly put,... Loud. You can almost hear it over the engine when running. Once started, this straight 8 runs super smooth and quiet, it's absolutely amazing. The car will start when it's been running without dumping fuel in the carb if it hasn't sat too long.
Another issue I have is that there is a push button starter under the dash, (Not Stock I can only assume?) and there seems to either be a flat spot in the starter or the starter solenoid is acting up, because I have had instances where I can press the button for ages before it will engage the starter. Otherwise it just clicks and clicks. SO, between this issue, and having to prime the carb, I am really wanting to get things sorted so she flashes up right away, every time without issue.

Wanting to upgrade to 12 volt wire harness, new electronic fuel pump, and perhaps Pertronix?

I'm all ears for any suggestions from you experienced folks on here, and greatly appreciate your patience and expertise while I learn about these cars.
Also, those are my future hot rodder twins. They love this Buick!



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Ryan, my experience.

Changed to 12V. Easy. Installed Throttle Body Fuel Injection [TBI]. Modified the distributor with GM HEI pickup and mounted GM HEI module on the cowl. Installed a 12V small hi torque starter after stripping the drive gear in the 6V after five years.
The electric pump is loud because it is not insulated.



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Hi Ryan,
If you go for 12 V, I would keep the wire loom, as it is thicker for 6 Volt and therefore ok for 12V. But off course check it. And check the logic of the wiring for starting (with the knob under the dash). You can also keep the starter it will work fine with 12 Volt. You need to change the dynamo. Go for an alternator with the 3 wire approach. And check all other users of 6 volt ( lamps, meters, clocks etc).
Off course you can change all the running electrics ( distributor etc) but you wrote that, when started, it runs smooth, that is not were your problem is.
Better check the solenoid and starter. When you start it just does not get the amperage to the starter. check all terminals and logic .

If you want to change your starter: This guy sells starters, he is on the forum: Tom Telasco (search for him)