Trouble with straight 8 tune up kit, HELP!

Joe Hilton

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Probably sounds petty but its little stuff like this this keeps you sitting at home instead of cruising your vintage Buick drives you crazy!!!! I bought a tune up kit for my 52 Super with the small straight 8 from the vintage Buick Parts place. The rotor button and the distributer cap wont fit correctly. Anyone else had this problem? The button is real tight and seems like its not going far enough down on the shaft and the groove which seems to be keeping the distributer cap from settling properly in its grooves!!! GGGGRRRRR! cant figure out why the most simple parts wont fit right. HELP Please.


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Joe, two possibilities come to mind. You were sent the wrong part. Your distributor incorrect. I have never changed rotor or cap as a tune up item..



Do you have the original rotor that came off your distributor? If so, how does it fit? Tight? Loose? Is there a burr on the shaft? Is the diameter of the rotor the same from the new to the old? Just some things to look at.


I have had best luck buying NOS or Current Name Brand Delco rotors on eBay, and made sure I bought a cap with copper rather than aluminum contacts. I worry that the current import stuff won't fit or last. On the 13 of this month I had owned my 40 Super with 48 Super engine for 50 years.