blow-by no pcv system--62 leSabre


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well i gotta breather on both valve covers and i never noticed how much blow by is coming out of them. i have a hose from the manifold to the power brake booster, and nowhere to tie in a hose to a pcv valve. should i just get a Tee? ps, i have 165lbs of pressure in each cylinder. all i see are fumes when the sun is shining in on the engine. no oil dripping.
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If the down tube has been removed and the only vents are in the rocker covers, yes, one should have a pcv in it and it can be T'd into the large vacuum fitting at the back of the carb.


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larry that's a great link, thanks. bob, the downdraft tube is still there. i had never seen one before i bought this car. so according to larrys link i can prolly get a grommet to fit in that hole for a pcv valve, right? then tee into the tube coming out the front of the carb i guess. am i reading that right? that drawing in there, (i'm a member there too so could download it) shows you need an adapter, no. 5646025. good luck finding one of those. so yeah, i was hesitating on putting the 4bbl on there but since i got all the stuff, i 'm pretty sure my 4bbl has a vacuum bung, i guess i'll get with it as i'm sure i can fashion some kind of home made adapter in place of that part assuming i can't find it.

thanks guys. great information. i really appreciate it.


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Nothing wrong with a closed system, but before going to all that trouble, change oil and filter and go for a 100 mile run on the highway:
1-the draft tube system is most efficient at speed.
2-extended run will cook out any volatiles in the engine.


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Just a thought dump a quart of marvel mystery oil in aand drive the car on the highway try to get about 150 miles on it. Then get home and pour seafoam SLOWLY down the carburetor while it's running, you want it to stumble and smoke but not stall. Then when you have like 3/4 to a half inch left pour it down the carb and make it stall. Let it soak about 30 min then get in the car and put the gas pedal to the floor and crank until the car starts. Once it starts let your foot off so you don't over Rev ot. Now let it idle until it stops smoking now take it for another ride to just burn off all of the seafoam. Now change your oil with a good quality oil like penzoil 10 40 or rotella 15 40. Now see if it smokes a lot. Doing what I just recommended should clean up your piston rings and help Make everything seal better and not smoke.

The other option if you don't want a PCV system is replace your vents with the vents that have hose bungs on them and pipe those into the air cleaner housing. That will also help you have less smell and smoke at idle.