AC compressor on a 248 - best to run it off the crank or water pump pulley?

Curt Six

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I'm figuring out a Vintage Air system for my '41 Buick with a '49 248. What are the bearings like in that water pump? Do you see a problem with running a dual sheave water pump pulley and running the compressor off the pump? Or, alternatively, is it possible to separate the harmonic balancer from the crank pulley and make a dual sheave crank pulley? Running a dual sheave water pump pulley might be easier, but it seems like that might cause premature failure of the water pump.
Thanks for any input.


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A/C compressor on a 248

I mounted the compressor on the original generator bracket. A couple of spacers to line the inner groove of the double groove pulley with the crank and water pump pulley. Mounted the alternator on top of the comp with a fabricated bracket and drive it off the outer groove of the comp pulley.

Several miles trouble free.



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Drive it off the crank for sure. The water pump bearing will not take that kind of stress for long.


Take a look at my post, "my new 263", I had an adapter made to fit over the harmonic balancer which allowed the use of a SBC crank double pulley to drive my supercharger. It works well, I actually have to adapt a wider pulley to run larger belts but that probably wouldn't effect what you want to do.