215 Heads? Help


Lt. Dan

Hi. I bought a house a few months ago and I found a pair of aluminum cylinder heads in the shed. They're small, but they are for a v8. Are they Buick 215 heads??? Help me find out.
There is a number under one of the ports that says "CFD 1358219" another that says 17PM, another that says 144 and another that says 219B

There was a gasket on it that says Victor (or victory) 15120

Please help
Dan, the #1358219 shows up as a 1964 Buick head casting for a 300 cid motor. This engine used aluminum heads.

Info comes from the stock car engine blueprint guide on the NHRA site www.nhra.com Without doing more research, my guess is these heads were not used on the 61-63 215 cid engines.
My AERA ( www.aera.org )software shows the following:

1961-1963 Buick 3.5 (215)
1979-1987 Rover 3.5
1989-1996 Rover 3.9
1997- Rover 4.0
We have a set of Rover heads we are working on at the shop, I can check to make sure they are the same casting number. Rover secured the rights to produce the aluminum Buick V-8 sometime in the 70's and they still build the engine to this day. It is almost identical to the original 215 other than a slight increase in displacement.
Hope this helps,