1941 Special dashboard clock


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Hi guys.
I need some help, please.
According to shop manuel, the electric clock must be connected as represent in picture below :
- for red wire (operating wire) from the clock, it's OK.
- the black wire (lightning wire) from the clock must be connected to "lower terminal on instrument light switch".
Can someone please tell me what is "lower terminal" on picture ?

Thanks a lot

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The connection for the clock light is made at the bottom terminal of the instrument light switch (upper left position in center of dash) not at the main light switch shown in fig 12-47. The clock light then will dim along with other dash lights according to setting of the instrument light switch.

See other pages attached from the '41 shop manual.



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Dear Todd,

You're absolutely right !

I made a confusion beetween "light switch" and "instrument light switch" ! Now, I am on the right way...

Thank You very much !