PCV grommet


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On my '63 401, I notice the grommet had disintegrated. I bought a replacement ,which fits, but the inner diameter is too small for the PCV valve.

I seem to remember using some AMC grommet before.

Anyone have any ideas?


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There are two gromets one for the vent tube and one for the PCV valve . You may have the wrong one ( boxed wrong or parts miss marked part number ) HTH


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There is only one grommet for both valve covers. The air-intake is through the oil-cap with steel-mesh that has to be cleaned out and re-oiled.

I have seem later nailhead with different Air-inlets (from the air-cleaner), different oil-cap locations and multiple grommets--but not on my '63 401.

What is the P/N for the grommet for the PCV valve?

Or can I use another PCV valve with a smaller inlet?