More Missing Parts!

Hi all, I got my block back from the machine shop and it's missing some parts (didn't realize I had to strip everything down for a bore and hone). I located engine mount brackets and a replacement flywheel housing but seem to also be missing the timing cover backing plate and whatever the part is that fits in the rectangular hole on the passenger's side of the block.

I found this: 1951 BUICK TIMING COVER V-8 WITH BACKING PLATE 691807 | eBay. --it says it's off a '51 V8 (sure buddy) but it is missing the model. Not sure whether engine size has a bearing on fitment. Anyone know if this would work? Also wondering what fits in that rectangular hole.


Jane 💕


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The "plate" you are looking for is part # 1340123. It was used on 1948-52 series 40, 50, and 1953 40, the 263ci engines. That is nothing to identify that one as for a 263 or a 320 inch engine. The larger 320 plate is different, # 1328924.

Are you aware that there is a Puget Sound Buick Club? You can find them on Facebook here:

There might be a good local parts source for you through a club. I expect if you can find someone with a bunch of straight eight parts that plate will cost you much less than what that fellow is asking.