Engine Torque output for straight eight engines

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I am looking for engine Torque values for the 320. Im not referring to bolt toruqe at all. All that is listed is engine horse power.
I have looked through all of my service books and the on line pdf service manuals here at Reference, and I could not find any torque engine output ratings. Does anyone here have such info or where I could find such information? In particular interested in the dual carb 320, 1947-1950 320 and the 1952 with 4 barrel.
Motor's Auto Repair Manual for 1958 lists the 320.2 from '49 through '51 at 280 ft/lbs @2,000 RPM. For '52, same output, rated at 2,400 RPM. (They wound it up higher, but peak torque didn't change. ) In '52, BHP went up to 170 @ 3,800 from 152 @ 3,600 in '51. Compression ratio went from 7.2:1 to 7.5:1 in '52. TMI?
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Thanks very much no to the TMI. I found one of my books, poorly written, but it is very close to what you are showing. Im surprised that the torque did not go up on the 52 with the 4bbl.
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I had another look in the Motor manual, in case I had missed something like a separate listing for the 4 barrel engine. But there is only the one, so it looks like the 4 barrel didn't boost the torque. Is yours a 4 barrel? It would be the pinnacle of Buick's straight 8s, I guess. It's interesting to me that its impressive 280 ft/lbs only edges out the Chevrolet 292 6 cylinder by 5 ft/lbs.