? about vacuum lines, oil lines, and oil pressure line.


Hi Guys, I'm purchased a 41 Buick 248 motor that was rebuilt, but never started. I would like to verify the routing for the vacuum lines, oil filter canister lines and oil pressure gauge line.

Vacuum lines: from the pump, the front vacuum line goes to the intake manifold; the rear vacuum line goes to the wiper motor.

Oil lines: from the oil filter canister, the bottom line from the canister goes to front of the cylinder head; the side line from the canister goes to the block outlet between the canister and the distributor.

Oil pressure line: originates from the block outlet immediately behind the oil filter canister and goes directly to the oil pressure gauge.

As always, help and comments are greatly appreciated.


Have anyone Pictures from the Oil lines?
I have a 248 from 1941 series 50 a I see different ways from the oil lines.
In my shop manual I don't can see it.

Can anyone help me?


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Here is a picture of the filter can from a WWII dealer service bulletin. Dealers were advised to remove the filter element and can to avoid problems with the L-11 filter.


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