263 Manifolds

Here is a picture of my 263 project engine I have been working on for a few years. These are my home made intake and exhaust manifolds.
Std 4 barrel intake mount and turbo charged exhaust. Just ordered a set of J&E forged pistons to go inside.


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Wow, what a job! Fairly heavy gauge steel for the manifolds, I'd guess. Very neat fabrication. That should perk up the ol' 263.
I’m going to use 700R4 transmission with Bernstden adapter. The manifold logs are 2x4 square tube. 1/4 thick for the exhaust and 3/16” thick for the intake.
If I can't get my Dynaflow to stop leaking...(or a least minimize), I may do the tranny switch. Installed a torque ball kit including the shaft spline gasket....still piddles.