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1957 Buick Century


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Hello, I am in the process of changing the fan belts in the car and upon looking there are several different sizes and or part numbers. The car has no A/C therefore only 2 belts, the power steering and generator belt. Does anyone know the correct belt part numbers that go on the car? Or do i need to remove and measure them?
Buick Master Parts Books show the power steering belt was GM part no 1175470. It was superceded 11/70 by no 3986189. Length is 54-1/2".

The generator belt is GM part no 1163447. Length is 53". Some aftermarket suppliers get confused about early and late '57 belt types. For non-A/C cars, there was only one belt type, the 1163447. A/C cars had the early and late types. The early A/C cars used the 1163447.