New Pickup


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Bob, stayed over night Thursday in Spokane then drove over to Kellogg, Idaho Friday and bought a pickup. Is that any where near where you live? Boy do they sell vehicles, 12 to 1800 a month. This December will be a few more.
Hope you got a nice truck:)
I am considering upgrading too, but I have my eye on a '96 Chev with a 6.5 and just under 80,000 miles since new. I live about 3-3.5 hours north on the Canadian border.
it shouldn't.

high of 3° F today.

in Indiana.

that gas station @ exit 15 in Coeur d'Alene used to have decent fuel prices when it was a Tesoro, i don't know about now that it's a Mobil.

best place i know of isn't on your way to Idaho, Wapato fuel stop on US 97 in the Yakima rez. you probably already know that La Pine has some decent prices.