Fueling up in California

I will be driving my 52 Super down to California next month. I have a 1953 Special gas tank and the fill neck is shorter than the correct one for my car. California gas pumps have these rubber collars around their fill nozzle to collect gas vapors escaping from your gas tank during the refueling process. Often I have problems getting a good seal around the neck of my fuel neck and I have to find another gas pump. Is there anyone on this forum who understands how these things work? If I used a transmission funnel to reach down into my fill neck and then put the fill nozzle into the transmission funnel, will that sense vacuum and fool the machine into pumping gasoline? I suppose what I am asking to do is against some environmental law.
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what if you took a toilet plunger, pulled the handle off and drilled out the center to the same dia as the pump nozzles?

probably want to chamfer both ends of the drill hole and lube it with white grease or something.

slide it onto the nozzle "backwards" so it seals ( kind of ) the pump apparatus.

worst case, you could always use two 5 gal cans. pump into one while a helper dumps the other into the car.
Bob, that is a great idea. The pump is spring activated, when there is pressure on the end of the rubber collar it "tells" the pump to start pumping. I am going to the hardware store to check on some supplies.
Got back from California, all gas stations except far north California have those vapor ends on their gas nozzle. I used a transmission funnel as an extension and then I could depress the nozzle into the funnel and everything worked great.