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  • Hi Tom, thanks for your input on my continuing Buick saga.
    Interested in your opinions on the open drive conversion process.
    I have seen torque tubes converted with some short trailing arms.
    I wonder if it would bind up during cornering, etc.
    Curious what you want for the 61 center as well.
    My plan is to visit the pick a part yard tomorrow but we've been getting snow all day and it continues.....
    Hello Tom,thanx for my reply on the 1955 buick 264 v8 2 groove pulley for power steering conversion,If you have a 2 groove crankshaft pulleywithout the harmonic balancer,thats great can you call me or give me your telephone number,so I could talk to you,thanks again Rocco973-772-6036 or cell 201-697-6361...
    Hello Tom, I saw a answer from you about a question with the seal between torque ball and propeller shaft. You said "pay attention" many put it backwards. I have the same problem that I don´t know in which order the seal should installed. I make a thread with pictures about this under 1950buick tech "seal between torque ball and torque tube." Can you help me with my question? Thanks Thomas
    hey can you help me with my 401?? I had an idea to twin turbo it. i was going to complement it with roller rockers mutha thumper cam and i was going to port the head dramatically. I dont know how much i should port though and what gaskets can handle the boost and if there is anything else that may be wrong with my idea

    Do you have any leads on a cast iron 2x4 intake for a 401 nail?. I don't need a show piece or the carbs...just the intake.

    I've posted in the want adds at Team Buick as well as various cities on Craigslist and i'm coming up empty.

    I have found that the rear trunk hinges are the same from '65-'66. Also, I have a friend that deals in NOS parts & he has one for $70.00. Would you be interested in this??? Get back to me when you can.

    Tom T.
    I have a '66 2dr. hdtp. I don't know if the hinges for the deck lid are the same. I will try to find out in the next couple of days.

    Tom T.
    Telriv, can you tell me the lifter bore spacing (center to center dimension) also need to know if the pair are centered on the cylinders bore center or are they offset to match valve centers. What would be really useful is a machinists blueprint with dimensions. any help would be greatly appreciated. Telekenfun
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