Carter carb gasget

Jeff Lukaszek

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The gasget pictured say all carbs except Carter ABF. Is this not the gasget for my Carter 4 barrel? I have had a running problem (running to rich). Anyone know if this is my problem, possible gasget leak or ect.


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My 1967 Lesabre 400 uses that gasket on it's 340 Carter AFB carb. It is used with a thin steel gasket. The steel gasket goes against the manifold to prevent excessive exhaust crossover heat evaporating fuel in the carb but still warming the carb for cold operation. Mine were installed opposite and the fuel would evaporate when the hot engine was shut off making it hard to start the next day.
I am also confused about this. Is there a gasket on both sides of the plate? One on the manifold, then the plate, and another between the plate and the carb? Thanks


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I put a thin coating of high temperature silicone on the manifold and then the steel heat plate gasket. Then I put another thin coating of silicone on the heat plate gasket and then the gasket in the picture. There are no vacuum leaks and now the engine starts immediately. I pump it once to set the choke and then two more times for fuel and away it goes. It has worked perfectly for two weeks now. My intake has two holes from the exhaust crossover in the large U passage under the front of the carb. If you don't use the baffle hot exhaust will torch the underside of the carb and if you only use the gasket it will just burn.
James at Best offer Counts Informed me that the gasket goes on the manifold, and the plate sits on top of it. No gasket between the plate and the carb. I hope this helps. Thanks
As "X" says the plate goes between the carb. & the gasket. In other words the gasket on the manifold 1st. & the metal plate against the carb. That IS the correct gasket.