Buick Century Sport Coupe (1939)


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Hi everybody,

i´m writing in behalf of my father and don´t know which forum is actually perfect for my question.
He has got a Buick Century Sport coupe, model 66S, car serial number: 94622701236.

He would like to know how many cars of this model were build, how many got into the export, how many are there still in america or in total all over the world?

Can anyone help me or know where to find more information?

Thanks in advance

Tom Barnes

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Hi Nicole. Your Dads '39 66S Is what I would call moderatly rare with 3408 being built plus 62 for export. There were many 1939 models of which under a few hundred were made. As to how many left? Where would one get that information? You could look at the Buick Club roster and get an idea but that's all it would be, an idea because no body really knows for a fact how many might be left. New finds pop up all the time so I think it's best for one not to say things like "there's only 34 of these left in the world." It would be more accurate to say "we know of 34 of these left, there might be more" There are certain makes that are closely accounted for since new. Usually these are very expensive and exclusive cars. When one has a car that is documented to be a "one off" car and it's sitting in his garage, then he can say "this is the only one left in the world." For instance I have a car that only 15 were made. I have the serial numbers of all 15. I probably have the names of all the first owners too. I know for a fact that there are 4 of these cars left. But...that's not to say that only four are left in the world, because there's no way for me to know the fate of the other 11. One of them could pop up tomorrow. See what I mean? I hope this information helps. I've always wanted a '37, '38 or '39 66S.

PS I checked my most recent Buick Club roster,which is 2014, and there are 14 '39 66S's listed and they're all here in the states. How many more might there be out there? :confused:


Where are you? (Edit I see you are in Germany)
I think the number 94622701236 indicates Canadian production and not in the USA production numbers
Also people get 66S & 66 mixed up.(S = opera seats)

We like pictures !!


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Hey you both,

thanks a a lot for your answers. Yes we are from Germany :)
would love to upload a picture, but it's not working or I'm not able to do it 🙈 It tells me always upload fails.
And yes it's build in Canada, so there is a club roster for the Canadian cars as well or does your roster includes all of the 39?

Thanks agian

Can you reduce the size of the image you are trying to upload, either physical or file size?


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so are there different rosters for american and canadian build cars?

Do you know how much worth this car in america is?


So are there different rosters for American and Canadian build cars?
The Club rosters are a list of members cars. So it would include cars made in one country and now owned in the other. They are not cars "built in" USA or Canada
Also some people are members off both US & Canadian Buick clubs.

As in your other thread ask in the http://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/

There are no published production figures for McLaughlin/GM of Canada. The production figures published online or in books like the Standard Catalog of Buick or Buick - A Complete History or by the Buick Club of America are for US production only. If you want to know the Canadian production you will have to contact Vintage Vehicle Services and pay for their report:



9 = 1939
4 = Buick
6 = Series 60/Century
27 = 2-door sport coupe with opera seats, 4-passenger (same as US model 66S)
01236 = sequential number starting at 00001 for Buicks built at Oshawa, ON and 80001 for Buicks built at Regina, SK

I can decode the rest of the data plate if you post a picture of it.
would love to upload a picture, but it's not working or I'm not able to do it 🙈 It tells me always upload fails.

you can always join a free internet picture hosting service like photobucket or google drive or something and upload the picture there.

then, link the URL rather than uploading directly to the site. this will permit you to upload and show as many and as large a picture as you would like.

very sharp car.