1. Charles_F

    Supplier of outer beltline weatherstrips, front windows - Wildcat 1966 (or any other model with B doors)

    Hi, I am looking for a supplier of outer beltline (sometimes called "scraper seal") for the front door windows. The 1966 Wildcat's front windows have a chrome reveal molding at the window beltline. See photos and drawing. The space between the window and the door is is about 7/8" and 1/2". I...
  2. I am looking for a wiper arm

    I am looking for a wiper arm

    I am looking for a wiper arm -- a single one. But if you sell a set that's fine too. I have a 1966 Buick Wildcat sedan. Here is a picture of the single wiper arm I have. Best would be a matching one (in my dreams). But any arm that is not a piece of ANCO junk with plastic parts would do.
  3. 1966 Wildcat Sedan -- starting on the journey

    1966 Wildcat Sedan -- starting on the journey

    Just bought this clean looking 1966 Wildcat. There is however a lot of work to be done, starting with the paint job -- a ugly pewter color over the original silver grey. First I'll need to treat rust spots to prevent further damages to the body (see below). Next? Add a right windshield wiper...
  4. Charles_F

    New owner of a 1966 Wildcat sedan

    Hi -- I am in Eugene, OR. I just joined this group after buying a 1966 Wildcat 4-door sedan (yesterday). This is my first 'vintage' car, so, I went cheap for a start. Basically, the engine runs and the car drives, but --more or less-- everything else needs fixing, repairing or replacing. My...
  5. New member, checking in!

    New member, checking in!

    white with black interior, bucket seats and console
  6. 66' Wildcat

    66' Wildcat

  7. M

    new radiator and new smoke from a 1965 Buick Skylark 300 4.9L

    Hey guys is me again. I'm once again seeking your knowledge. I recently installed a new radiator, hoses, and thermostat. I did have a bit of trouble with fitting the new radiator in the car but I managed to fit it in the car. Once I start the car sounds powerful. I had the engine completely...
  8. Kiwijeff

    68 Wildcat custom sports coupe

    Hi there all; Kiwijeff from down here in New Zealand. I have a few Buicks; my everyday driver (check my profile pic) is a 68 wildcat custom 4DR HDTP, I've owned this car for 22 years & have done all the work on her, including painting, (caravan too); My wife's everyday driver is a 67 Electra 4DR...
  9. 6

    1966 Buick Special

    I bite off a little more than i thought by buying this car. I have had it in storage outside for a year now. Before i bought it, I think it sat outside for about 3 years under a tree. The rust isn't too bad but i need to start working on before it's unworthy of my time and money. It has a 300...