New owner of a 1966 Wildcat sedan

Hi -- I am in Eugene, OR.

I just joined this group after buying a 1966 Wildcat 4-door sedan (yesterday). This is my first 'vintage' car, so, I went cheap for a start. Basically, the engine runs and the car drives, but --more or less-- everything else needs fixing, repairing or replacing.

My first focus is on scheduled maintenance and safety inspection of the train, direction and breaks.

What resource should I trust and what do you recommend I focus on when selecting a garage?

I'd appreciate your inputs and I look forward to participating in this forum in the many years to come.



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Thank you Bob. It is indeed a very clean looking Wildcat. I was lucky.

There is however a lot of work to be done, starting with the paint job -- a ugly pewter color over the original silver grey; just redoing it will break the bank. Then the trunk door needs to be changed (rust on the lower panel, above the trim, following a parking accident by previous owner). The front bench is falling apart. Interior is original and otherwise well preserved but for missing parts. The AC has been removed, probably to gain some horsepower. Wheels are not original. The electrical system is messed up (either the radio or the road lights works--but not both at the same time :oops:). The air intake screw is too long and caused the hood to start rusting in the middle. Hood insulation must be added. All door joints replaced. Two doors won't open. Exhaust leaks. Etc.

Pretty much my alter ego -- looking good but missing a few bolts under the hood. I'll be done with that car when I retire, in 15 years if ever. Ahahaha!😅 But it is such a distinctive looking yet classy car, without the ostentatious excess of the late 50s nor the "modern" ugliness of the late 70s/80s.

Looking forward to connect with other members in the Willamette Valley area in Oregon.

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Welcome Charles, Lots of good information here when you need advice. In Montreal now, but miss the Pacific Northwest! Love Oregon and Portland! Try to score a shop manual for the car. Makes life easier.

Gary (1968 Wildcat)
Good for you. I love Montreal (and it’s bistrots). I worked for PwC in Calgary back in 2015. For parts for your Wildcat, where did you go in the US?

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I bought the car in Alberta and 1 year later, I bought a parts Wildcat also in Alberta and drove down to strip it of parts and brought the parts home to Montreal. Not much left in Montreal for parts. Shipping, duty and dollar exchange means I try to shop in Canada if possible.
I bought the Wildcat in Eugene, OR. Good idea re: buying one for parts. If I travel to Montreal (post Covid) I hope to have to opportunity to see yours.