Supplier of outer beltline weatherstrips, front windows - Wildcat 1966 (or any other model with B doors)

Hi, I am looking for a supplier of outer beltline (sometimes called "scraper seal") for the front door windows.

The 1966 Wildcat's front windows have a chrome reveal molding at the window beltline. See photos and drawing. The space between the window and the door is is about 7/8" and 1/2". I checked Steele and Metro Moulded. They do not seem to have this model.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated?


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Nothing available in OLDS or Pontiac in 66 might be very similar ?
In the old days we would buy a 8 ft. length of window felt and make our own.
I'm going to try this from Rubber the Right Way on my Electra.
Not perfect but the closest I could find.

Thank you Ted!

I had only checked Metro (unpredictable quality) and Steele (good quality but no available window beltline strips that matches the 1966 widlcat’s). Will check RubbertheRightWay. The model you linked to is exactly what I was looking for!

Next hurdle: can you install without having to dismantle the door?