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    9 key way timing set

    could someone please help clear the air on this timing set. I want to set this up straight up with a gs113a cam, ive heard talk that advance is built into the cam or into the gear set.
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    Cam Help

    Thank you that is a big help ill be putting the 113a back in Don
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    Cam Help

    Greetings All, I am currently transforming my bracket car back to a street car my question is this. I have GS113A and a GS110 poston cam, does amy still have an old poston catalog that could share with the pefromance description of these two cams. on another note I have a TA308S with the oil...
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    windshield Pad?

    Hey All I just got a 70 skylark convertible, some assembly required. I am looking for the pieces that the windshield rests on as you glue it in, there are screw holes where I think they were but im not sure what they are called or where to call for them ive looked in year one and opg so far...
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    Power Valve ?

    Ok so i just got my new engine started. 11.1 ross pistons ta308s camshaft sound great however its super rich at idle i have 2.5 power valves in the front and rear do need the 1.0 or do i need to block em off all together this is my first sold lifter cam and i did expect less vacum then my last...
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    Convert to manual steerng

    I would like to change my 72 skylark to manual steering has anyone done this ? who had the best deal, do i need a new pitman arm, doe sit hook to my existing steering shaft. any hep would be great DON
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    Timing mark help

    Ok so i have new whoopdeedoo rollermaster billet 9 keyway timing set, however when i line the marks up for straight up the teeth are off compared to my old set if i set it a 6+ than it lines up the same as my old set at straight up. my buick performance book makes mention of this problem but...
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    Just keep going and going

    Just keeps going and going Ran at the street machine showdown in denver two weeks ago got rained out but before that happened i ran 12.02 on my 12.20 dial. Yea i broke out the amazing thing is this is my backup engine, 430 1969 i have only changed the cam, cam bearings, heads, intake, carb...
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    cam break in

    OK so im putting my 455 back together got my new bad dog grooved cam bearings installed, my question would be break in. ie changed to a solid lifter cam my first on. On my last two cam break ins I made sure the car was ready to go gs113 and a gs105a i think. you know the one that said it pulls...
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    bumper fillers

    Looking for bumper filler for the rear bumper on my 72 skylark, also can anyone help me with identifying what year bumpers i have thanks don
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    Msd wires

    Just wondering what part no msd wires ya'll have been using looking to replace my hei wires with something newer
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    pontiac help

    I own a big block 72 skylark and a 68 pontiac firebird sprint six, does anyone know if there is a site out there in web land that can offer any help with firebird questions
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    solid lifters

    So i just got my new ta308s cam from TA and i really want to use the lifters with oil hole on the lobe surface does any know who really makes these, money real tight right now and if i could save some dough versus From ta it would be great Thanks
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    why o why

    Why is there a mustang and a chevy truck in the time slip area? There are enough mustang websites out there to choke an elephant, Chevy as well. The site is Team Buick not team Kitchen sink. Just my opinion Don
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    all out o gear

    I run a 455 in a 72 skylark, th350 , 410 gears at bandimere, roughly 5280 above sea level. through the traps i am turning about 6000 to 6200 rpm my shift lite comes back on just past 1000 feet [5750 is were i shift] , i am curious what gear ratios are used at lower altitude and rpm your turning...