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I run a 455 in a 72 skylark, th350 , 410 gears at bandimere, roughly 5280 above sea level. through the traps i am turning about 6000 to 6200 rpm
my shift lite comes back on just past 1000 feet [5750 is were i shift] , i am curious what gear ratios are used at lower altitude and rpm your turning thru the traps
I was running 4.10s with 28" slicks at Island DW (1180' above sea level). I was shifting at 6300-6400 and was through the traps at 6200-6300. It was an ATI 3500 stall converer that was reworked to stall around 4100. I would have gone with a 9" given it to do again. I would also have picked up some skinnys, dropped the front sway bar and added race shocks to see what it could have done. The issue was it was driven to the track and back (most days back). It weighed in at 4000 with cage and driver, and ran 11.20s at 118 or so.
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when i hear talk of altitude change it usually is in the neighborhood of a full second at sea level versus denver. does anyone know if your engine is actually is able to make horsepower further into the rpm range , does the thicker air actually increase your power in the higher rpm. My engine
will turn 6200 to 6500 but really quits making power around 5900 in denver anyway.


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I've got 3.42 gears and 275/60 Drag radials (28" tall) With my TH400 I on a good pass I'm turning on the 5400 shift light right at the finish line.