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Greetings All, I am currently transforming my bracket car back to a street car my question is this. I have GS113A and a GS110 poston cam, does amy still have an old poston catalog that could share with the pefromance description of these two cams. on another note I have a TA308S with the oil hole solid lifters ill be looking to part with
I can't attach the scan type I have of the cams here. So, I lifted the texts from the scan for the cams you requested. First # is the lobe separation, second is the advertised intake duration, third is the advertised exhaust duration, forth is the intake valve lift, fifth is the exhaust valve lift followed by the power range and max RPM:

GS-113A HYDRAULIC 113 286* 302* .510 .491 2500-6000 7000

GS-113’A. We’ designed this cam for those who want the most cam possible with A/C and 3.42 gears. More power than our GS 118 and GS113 cams. Excellent power from 2500-6000 RPM. Works best with headers, good exhaust and intake manifold. 2800 Stall torque converter is recommended. This cam is a killer combination when run with our 3000 switch-pitch converter. 45 horsepower over stock cam. Must use our PE1O6 Stage 1 valve springs. Check piston to valve clearance. 9.5’ or higher compression ratio is recommended.

GS-I10 HYDRAULIC 110 312* 332* .542 .542 2800-6200 7200

GS-110. Ultimate street/strip cam. Idles surprisingly low at 800 RPM, with a healthy lope. Marginal vacuum with power brakes, but it can be done with good converter. Pulls like a freight train from about 2800 RPM up through 6200 RPM. Should have 10 to 1 or higher compression. Needs 3000 stall converter and 3.50 or larger gears. Must use our Hi Rev lifters, PE107 dual springs and PE108 ‘No Wiggle” retainers. Works with stock rockers, but our PE115 roller rockers are recommended. Need to check piston to valve clearance. We picked up better than 3 miles per hour over a competitors similar cam in a 1979 Century Sport Coupe with 3.73 gears 200 4 R transmission and our Grand National PE2800 torque converter. Very broad power band. Awesome with a switch pitch transmission and our PE400 switch-pitch converter. Good for extra 60 horsepower over stock cam. $159.00.

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