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Why is there a mustang and a chevy truck in the time slip area? There are enough mustang websites out there to choke an elephant, Chevy as well.
The site is Team Buick not team Kitchen sink.

Just my opinion

Well, I can tell you why the mustang is there. The fellow runs a Mustang site and offered to help me. When our web board was upgraded, the timeslips stopped working. I met him on a troubleshooting forum and he helped me fix it. That was his test of the program. I would normally delete it, but for whatever reason, didn't.

I had a look at the other fellow. He doesn't appear to have been back to the site, but does have a couple of Buicks. I guess he likes his truck the most, pretty fast...

I suppose he has something to be proud of but it would be nice to see his Buicks posted.

I see your car has run pretty well, how about uploading a timeslip? There is a poll for when a timeslip should be uploaded, and at some point it will be required to maintain your claim. Probably about 50 or 60 claims and definitly by 100. At that time, unsubstaniated claims will be deleted. It will probably be for anything running faster than 13.

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thats a good reason, good help is hard to come by. I'll try to get my timeslip on there. I would very much like to see the timeslip for 10.09
Buick with a 350? Hmmm