The 10 Buicks that mattered.....

well, golly gee whillikers.

it only took Buick seven years to figure out that my idea of a sporty Buick halo car based on a forced induction v6 version of the Camaro was a slam dunk.

i guess everybody telling me that it wasn't allowed for Buick to look for a 'sporty' image really ( because GM has designated the Buick brand for old people luxo cars ) knew what they were talking about.

now they need to figure out the second half of my suggestion, that the model name should be "Firebird by Buick". that'd give the Pontiac fans something to hang their nostalgia hat on, calling back to the Turbo Trans Am ... which was powered by the Buick turbo v6 ... on the Camaro platform.

the "by Buick" being a nostalgia callback for Buick fans which has been used since at least the 1963 introduction of the Riviera as a stand alone model.
so far as the list, i would say that it's not titled very well. it's probably a good representation of the major performance models of Buick in various eras.

i mean, really, they're not going to have the Y-Job / Le Sabre / Blackhawk concepts or the prior mentioned Riv on there? you can kind of get away with that kind of thing if you're restricting it to 'performance' Buicks.

they've already included special built race cars ( 1910 Bug ), so there's no excuse for selecting the GSX in place of the concurrent Stage 2 GS.

the 2012 Regal is only on there so they can try to tie this into marketing for something halfway recent.

the only way the 63 Special makes the list is due to it's aluminum v8 being the basis for two F1 championship engines in the 1960s. but that was introduced in 1961 AND went through Olds and Rover before it got to ( Australian ) Repco Brabham. the Buick stock block also did well at Indianapolis. but hardly anybody even knows about that engine ... and the news story doesn't include a blurb on it. so what's the point?
I think they missed the 65 GS as the first of the Buick muscle cars, the style, comfort and power of first generation Rivs and the Y-Job as the first concept car.
ah, the actual Buick release covers this info much better, going into the reason why the 1963 Special is included. it just doesn't have as many purty pictures.

you've gotta love the Bug. more than 155 cubic inches per cylinder on a four cylinder engine.

i also note that, while a woman was in charge of Buick back in 2009 when the Camaro was reintroduced, there's a man in charge now. there might just be a reason why Buick is, once again, putting an emphasis on the performance syllable.
yeah, but none of that is "Performance" oriented.

that goes back to me saying that the list is poorly titled. once you understand that this really a list of hot performing Buicks and not about the styling ( first Hardtop! Boat Tail Riv! first concept car by any manufacturer: the Y Job! ) or model advances you get where they're coming from ... especially since they're trying to tie it into the new 'performance' model based on the Camaro.