Thank the Buick Gods


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I have been driving my 52 Buick Super Estate Wagon for a long time and where I live there are a lot of deer on the roads and getting hit by cars. So I been keeping my eyes out for a parts car. I advertised all over the North West and no luck. Then I meet a man and he says you are the only person I know who owns a 52 Buick. He had two 52 Buicks that he would sell to me. One 52 Super two door hardtop and one 52 Roadmaster 4 door sedan. Both have good grills and the Super has good front fenders and a hood. The upper grill bar on both cars are not broken. The frames and suspension are good on both cars. Rust is problem with the floor in the hardtop but the four door is not to bad. The engine and the trans. in the hardtop are gone but the Roadmaster is pretty much complete (no power steering). So I am not worrying about body parts now. Thank you Buick Gods.
Does the Roadmaster still have it's 4 bbl intake and if so, is it's exhaust manifolds in good shape? Good score if they are!