Looking for a rebuilder or motor on east coast


looking for a rebuilder or motor on east coast
Hi all,
I have a 66 skylark with a 340 4bbl in it and recently started making what seems to be lifter noise...particularly at idle. I can do the standard pull the covers and check the valvetrain but I'm looking around for either a recommended Buick rebuilder on the east coast, preferably in the Virginia area or anyone have or know where to get a rebuilt/rebuildable 401 nailhead.
Thanks for the help.


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Glen, I would recommend Terry Walters Engines in Roanoke Va.First class shop and his work is top notch.They've done several motors for me and they are very good,they get it right the first time.If this helps let me know and I'll send you his Phone number.:shield:
East Coast

If You could devuldge your Location it would be HELP!-full

1000 Miles is kind of a broad Venue.

Possibly there may be a Vendor thatcould suit your needs that would be more convienient to your geographial location.


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WHy do you need rebuilder?

If your thinking it's lifters, then replace the lifters. How do you know if it's not the rockers?
HOw dirty is your engine oil?

WHat viscosity of oil are you using,0w-30,20w-50?

Lifters is a very basic repair. Any general repair shop can do that repair.
When you go to engine rebuilder, we're talking major car surgery.

If you have the dough, why not, new cam, lifters, ported heads, etc.

If you don't, then make sure you have adequate lubrication to your engine. Maybe a engine oil flush at every oil change. Pour in the $6.00 flush 15 minutes before the oil change. Change fluid, done!

If your noise doesn't return then:bana: