Hi All


Just worked out a deal for a 1967 Buick Special. Any one remember that game called aggravation? Been working this site over for info. Have some data plate questions I'll post in the correct section. I will also be getting a 401 or 425 nail head engine and transmission with it as well not sure witch yet didn't have time to clean off the id pad on the engine.

o_O67 special.jpg
1966 is the last year of Nailhead production and 67 is the first year for the big block Buick, either a 400 or 430 from 1967-69 and 455 after that.

are you planning on trying to cram the Nail into the Special? a 400 would be 'period correct' for the Special ( although only available in the Gran Sport ).

there's a good chance you've got a Switch Pitch Super Turbine 400 transmission.