Choke connection

Ruud W

Hello team,

I have a 300 cid engine with a Rochester 2 bbl Carburetor. The choke is linked to the exhaust manifold, with a copper pipe. Now I bought headers, because the exhaust manifold is torn and broken, the headers do not have the connection to connect the choke. What is the solution for this?
The tube moves heat from the exhaust to the chock thermostatic coil. Most people would probably being installing a new 4bbl with the headers and either use a manual or electric chock.
The least that will happen is the chock will need some adjustment to help kick it off earlier. You will know more when you start and drive the car.
You could fabricate a tube that lays on the header tube for 6' or so and taped it tight.

For more on the operation of the chock, look at pages 3-32 and 3-33 in the 1965 Buick Chassis Manual HERE.