A new guy from Budapest, Hungary


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I lived in California for more than 20 years, 1st I worked as a mechanic for 3 years in the 90-ies (mainly doing tune up and engine analyzing) then switched to IT. For many reasons I had to move back home unfortunately in 2010.
Time to time I help out my old friend who works on all kind of old cars with carbs, mechanical or electronic fuel systems, K, KE jetronic in case he gets stuck because of language barriers. Right now he is working on a 1941 2 door Buick Super with 248 cuin straight 8, he's got the 1941 Buick shop manual, unfortunately in English :) That's where I come into the picture and help him out with translations and/or explaining him how certain parts work. Unfortunately he lives 2 hr. drive from me, so he calls me, when he needs help and when I have the answer, I call him back with the answer. In case there are too many things to comprehend, explain or for me to see in person, I just drive there on the weekend and spend the whole day in his shop, it's a lot of fun for me too. Well, this is me in a nut shell.