64 Buick 300 trans. switch/ dashpot adj.


Hi all,
Any body know how to properly adjust the relationship between the switch pitch torque convertor switch on the intake manifold, and the throttle dash pot on the carb.
The problem I am having is this; If I get the correct length on the trans. switch then I am unable to get full throttle.
If I adjust the switch to gain full throttle the car will Idle at 15 miles an hour in drive.
I have a book that I looked at but still cannot seem to get it right.
There were a couple of dealer service bulletins on the switch adjustments issued by Buick in 1964. See attached copies.

The kickdown switch adjustment procedure is fairly straightforward and will insure full throttle travel. The idle stator dashpot switch adjustment is more tricky. There were major revisions on it for the '65 models.


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The way I understand it, switch pitch systems worked this way. High stall at idle. Low stall off idle. At 60% throttle and above, high stall. Seems to me that the intake manifold mounted switch controls the hi stall at 60% throttle, and the kickdown at full throttle. That should not be a problem to adjust. The problem seems to be that the dashpot controls that switch to hi stall at idle, but it's adjustment conflicts with the other switch? One solution would be to use an additional wire from the brake light switch to the transmission. Then anytime your foot was on the brake, you'd have hi stall.

The other function of the dashpot is to cushion the throttle closing so that the mixtures don't go excessively rich.