1962 Skylark


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I am a newbie here, but purchased an all original "un-molested" '62 Skylark. It is complete and all original 2 door coupe. Nothing missing at all.

I will be re-powering this with a SBC Stroker motor and Tranny. Does anybody have any history with this conversion? I plan on pushing the 500 HP range on this little fella. I am really excited to get started. Any input is great, good or bad :bgrin:
Chevy conversions tend to annoy the hard core Buick folks, because it's been done so much and because it 'disrespects' the Buick power plants.

as a Skylark, your 62 should have the 215 alum v8.

have you considered swapping in a Land Rover 4.6L or 4.0L from ~2000? 5 liters can be found but they're rare as hens teeth on this side of the pond. the Land Rover v8 is the original alum Buick v8 and was in production up until 2004. you should be able to find one fairly easily around a large town. they've been built past 500hp.

better yet, you'd get electronic ignition, serp belt, gerotor oil pump without having to do anything but bolt it in. if you get it out of one of the Brit origin cars you could grab a newer 5 speed trans as well.

otoh ... you could grab a whole Rover driver train and convert to 4 wheel drive ... :clonk::D

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Thanks for you input. I have not intention of upseeting the Buick folks, but I will study further into your advice.
I knew the engine went to Landrover, but didn't know much more than that.

I am in the early stages currently, so drum to disc and a few other priorites are in order first.

Thanks again