'68 Skylark Convertible

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Finally pulled the trigger on this one. Factory buckets, console, Power steering, brakes, windows, top. A/C, 350 4bbl. Looking forward to getting to know her!

I'm shopping for wheels and tires - trying to fit the biggest rubber in the rear without buying custom offset wheels. Any advice is appreciated!



I used Year One 17" Magnum wheels on my '68 Skylark. 8" front and 9" rear both with their standard offset. I run Nitto 225-50ZR-17's front and 255-45ZR-17's rear. I had to machine a bolt in adapter to accept the reproduction Buick center caps. I have about 3/4" clearance between the rear tire and the fender flange. The chassis is lowered 3" front and 2" rear which gave me a stance 1" lower in the front overall. Here are a couple of pics. Hope this helps.


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That does help! Thank you - your car looks great! I have 2" drop spindles up front and 2" drop springs back. The car sits 1/4" tail heavy. I've ordered some staggered wheels and tires to try with the rear tire being an inch taller.....hopefully that'll do the trick. Otherwise I may go need to go your route for another inch down in the front. Thanks again!

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