1. '68 Skylark Convertible

    '68 Skylark Convertible

    Finally pulled the trigger on this one. Factory buckets, console, Power steering, brakes, windows, top. A/C, 350 4bbl. Looking forward to getting to know her! I'm shopping for wheels and tires - trying to fit the biggest rubber in the rear without buying custom offset wheels. Any advice is...
  2. O

    Convertible top latch

    Hi there, does anyone knows where to get a pair of latches ( striking plates) for the1956 century convertible top,
  3. S

    1970 Skylark Convertible pinchweld moulding

    Does anyone know how to remove the convertible pinchweld moulding from a 1970 skylark. I am repainting the car but I don't know how to remove the moulding and not sure if it has clips that can be changed or is a part of the actual moulding.
  4. M

    1983 Riviera convertible

    My Riv convertible More here:
  5. B

    1970 Skylark Custom Convertible is this a good buy???

    Hey guys Phil here,so here's the situation I've come across a 70' Skylark Custom convertible and I wanted to know if the car was worth the guy's asking price of $5500 here's some info on it: Buick 350 2 barrel non-original engine but original trans,says the body is decent,will need a new top...
  6. D

    want to identify 69 top

    When I bought my 69 Skylark Custom a few years ago it came with an NOS top that is labeled as 69 Buick....When it came time to install it , it did not match...It is a little thinner and the rear window line did not match . Does anyone know how I can identify this top ? There is some printing on...