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    Help identify part of 62 skylark?

    I've been looking for the rear brake lenses for right and left sides. I've been looking for these everywhere. Mine aren't cracked but are sunbeaten. This is for my 62 skylark. Unfortunately nobody repoduces them.
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    the days of enjoying old cars are gone

    Sorry for the rant. We started the Friday night car gathering this past week. Hundreds of people bring their rides to the mall parking lot to show off weekly. This past week I watched a 1972 riveria get sold ...... sum 5 times in less then 7 minutes. An older man who bought the new off the lot...
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    1962 Skylark Master Cylinder

    Hello, I posted about how to custom make a system to morph my 62 into a power brake car. For the most part I gave up on that idea. However in the meantime my master cylinder was starting to leak into the floor of the car. This was unacceptable since my 62 Skylark is a daily driver for me, not...
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    Found a 1941 Speical !

    Recently we had a family party in Downeyville, California in the mountain foothills. Its a 1941 Buick Speical. Supposedly it ran when it was driven in last year. Supposedly theres been offers made on it but people always thought the guy wants too much for the car. But what people want in the...
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    Thought id post a few around here

    If you are in the greater San Francisco eastbay area you may want to check these out. These are the ones I take my 1962 Skylark too. 1. Old Town Clayton, California has a Grafitti Night every wednesday. Main Street in old town clayton is shut down for everyone who wants to, to bring their...
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    1962 Skylark

    hmm makes me wonder now, my 62 Skylark dosent have a shroud either. Just that protective curved metal piece, Im assuming that its to protect you fingers ..... My theory is and has always been that since the car has dummy lights on the dash I added a small tempreture gauage. Its not one of...
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    In todays horrific economy .....

    Heres a man whose going to set his own car on fire to try to save his house from being foreclosed on by the bank. I find this both sad and somehow humorous at the same time. Dont know if its a scam or not.
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    1962 Skylark Vinyl Top

    I decided to go out and get estamates on redoing the vinyl top of the Skylark since theres small bubbles starting to come up from under the vinyl. I went to the upolstry shop and asked. They told me they would put the new top on for about 1200 dollars. Then id need to get a biody shop to come...
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    Power Brake Upgrade

    Hello, my 62 Skylark when new wasnt optioned with power brakes. I want to make it a power brake car. Is anything compatable to use on the car? By the looks a booster wouldnt fit since the crossbeam makes little room for a power brake booster. Ive looked for a pic of a 62 Skylark with power...
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    1962 Skylark Compressor - Bearing/clutch

    Hi all, I have a 1962 Skylark with factory air conditioning. Way back when the compressor made noise so someone cut its belt. Now that I bought the car I was hoping someone had some insight on a rebuild for the unit. I am hoping to replace the bearing and clutch to get the original system...