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    1962 leSabre wheels

    i've looked high and low and all i can find is this: osted August 9, 2012 Phils61bubble said: I'm sure this has been asked and I ALMOST see the answer in some previous posts - - - BUT - - I need to know if the bolt pattern of a 61 Invicta (5x5) would equate to 5x120MM or 5x127MM? Would the...
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    i really like my virgin engine bay but need a pcv set up and want to dump the 2bbl

    so what is the best way to do say a pcv system and what is the best carb. obviously a spread bore. i have a stock spread bore off a 1975 455 pontiac. some giant sized car i forget the name. i called it the green pickle. wouldn't that be a good one? i scored a stock 4bbl intake already too...
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    blow-by no pcv system--62 leSabre

    well i gotta breather on both valve covers and i never noticed how much blow by is coming out of them. i have a hose from the manifold to the power brake booster, and nowhere to tie in a hose to a pcv valve. should i just get a Tee? ps, i have 165lbs of pressure in each cylinder. all i see are...
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    will 4 door trim look alright on a 2 door 1962 buick leSabre?

    any trouble mounting the pieces? they appear to be the same length judging from what the sell has told me. sb
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    1962 trunk latches uniformity? interchangeability?

    thank you Todd! really. i bought the part. not perfect but for a Hundie what can you expect. i've seen perfect NOS go for over $400. well, at least that's what he asked. i doubt he got it but who knows. can i ask you about the standard antenna? where can i get one for this car if you know...
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    instrument cluster 1962 leSabre printed circuit, also windshield washer switch

    anybody know how to check the operation of this windshield washer switch while it's in the car, and if it's something worth having? did they ever work right? also i'm getting all kinds of crazy things going on with my fuel gauge when i turn on the turn signals, and especially the brights. it...
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    1962 trunk latches uniformity? interchangeability?

    hello i want to buy a trunk latch for my 62 leSabre and there is one on ebay for a full size wildcat. the seller doesnt know if it will fit any other models. like mine. anybody out there able to help me with this? thanks. sb
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    Champion Radiator with too small trans line bungs. What size?

    Hi anybody know what the threads are for the stock 1962 Buick radiators transmission lines? They are one size too big for the RadiatorExpresses Champion radiator i got. It fit ok, i had to cut off the front of the right lower rubbers metal retainer and cut off one side of the rubber on both...
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    Assembly Manuals for a 62? leSabre

    just wondering if these exist. i think i might have seen ones just xeroxed pages in a binder but not sure. anyone have a source? have a 1962 leSabre. NEVERMIND GUYS! found one on ebay.
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    1962 leSabre/225 ashtray, also what are these parts?

    there is a part that keeps the ashtray up. i dont remember *** it was. here is a pic of a couple of parts i don't know what they are or what they do. if anyone knows, esp if they have anything to do with holding the ashtray up in place, please let me know.
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    new dashpad show and tell 62 buick leSabre

    decided this was the only way to go, almost duplicate the factory. no upholstery yet but..... first pic all foamed up with Dow crack sealer foam, DONT use the stuff for 1" and larger gaps, it is stiffer and expands more and i thought was easier to cut, but it shrunk after i cut it. the cheapest...
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    how you get 62 buick dash front apart? and, speed warning buzzer

    anybody tell me how to get these peieces out of the front of the dashboard of a 62 leSabre? i have pics of front and back of dash. i cant get the little 'cups' in back out that hold the light bulb. also this relay, has a resistor with a wire wrapped around it. anyone know if a regular relay...
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    why dey be two ho's in my deck lid, m homies?

    ah don gettit niggas? what de fuk i gots two ho's in de back o me f'in trunk fo? look close, dey bof look lak days been factory drilled! now wdf up whiddat?
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    my temp door lever is stuck on full. should i care?

    my temp lever is stuck on Hot (well it doesnt say Hot but it's all the way down) on my 62 leBamba. i mean lesabre. anyway. if i wanted half assed heat i'd put the blower on low, not add outside air. ? full hot is fine by me. my mechanism is seized up behind my little access door to that cable. i...
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    Have the windshield out of my 62 LeSabre. Need to do list.

    While this is out it is alot easier to see and reach things behind the dash. but i am wondering how hard would it be to do these things with the glass in. i do not like much laying on my back trying to wedge my hands and arms behind a dash like that. i think now is the time to get to all...