1962 leSabre wheels


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i've looked high and low and all i can find is this: osted August 9, 2012

Phils61bubble said:
I'm sure this has been asked and I ALMOST see the answer in some previous posts - - - BUT - - I need to know if the bolt pattern of a 61 Invicta (5x5) would equate to 5x120MM or 5x127MM? Would the 5x120MM fit? Also - what is the offset?I am trying to order new plus sized wheels for a car (which I don't have in my possession yet) and am finding a difficult time determining the correct bolt pattern and offset.
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I would contact your wheel supplier and discuss this. You want to discuss back space as well when you decide on a wheel diameter.
I have 18s on mine now and found I needed to install a spacer between the wheel and hub so they would clear the upper arms.
I chose a tire that reflects the diameter of the original size, 235/60/18 Goodyear Eagle GTand found the car rides well and handles nicely. I previously had 245/45/18s and they rode horrible and very rough.
Good luck on the change over

this was copies from another site at this link: https://forums.aaca.org/topic/199199-61-invicta-bolt-pattern-and-offset/

it still didnt answer anything about back spacing tho. but it did note that it is the 5 x 127mm. also there wasn't anything about what size spacer he used. i've seen them in 5, 8 and 12 i believe. i know i need something, even the steel wheels somebody put on my car that are on there now slighty rubbed on the drums, so that, on the fronts at least, they put washers in between the wheel and the hub.
You will find how to measure your back spacing here:

Once you know the back spacing of the wheels that are on the car and the backspacing of the wheels that you would like to put on the car, you will be able to calculate the spacer you will want.

It will be easiest to do if the new tire outside dimensions are the same as the current tires.

If they are not you will also have to make allowances for any changes in outside dimensions and for clearances in the wheel wells. I wouldn't have less than 3/4" clearance anywhere, and that may be a little tight if the car is not nice and square (most are not).