restore or not to restore


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Hi everyone,
I just joined team Buick. I have a numbers matching 67 GS 400 4 speed car that is a basket case. I bought the car back from the same guy I sold it to in 1988. Everything is there but the frame is shot and the body needs a lot of help. Engine and trans numbers all match and I have all the orginal parts. Just pondering on whether to restore or part out. I would appreciate any thoughts are maybe some ideas on how much this could set me back. I found a frame from a place I got out of hemmings. The guy only gets west coast cars and has the channel frame for $850 and the boxed for $1950. I also considered putting an LS1 and 6 speed in it and just keeping the original driveline. I also have a 66 skylark convertible in the same shape. He even tossed in a 67 sportwagon.

Any thoughts?


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I know this is a really old thread, but do you still have the 67 sportwagon? If so what kind of condition is it in?
Just curious. You don't se many sportwagons around any more.