Removing TVS or overheating water-temp switch


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This is part of my cooling system thread--but I'm on THE last part (and don't the simplest things turn out to be the most frustrating?):

I needed the bass fitting that converts a 1/2" NPT threads to 3/8" thread on water-temp switch, so I can control my electric fan(s) automatically. Now, it's a manual toggle switch. I want the capability of walking away from a turned-off engine and having the electric fans working until the coolant cools off to a certain point (185 F, I think)--

and not run down the battery, by leaving it on, while going into a store, etc. Although this fan definitely makes noise, and you know it's on--I just want it to operate like a new car.

For my '76 Riv--with the bizarre original owner's request for '70 stage1 block and heads, and his fanaticism about keeping the car all-Buick; I KNEW I had to leave it that way. That one will keep the stock, heaviest-duty Buick 20" fan and fan clutch. No sense in screwing with something that works fine.

the '73 GS Riv is different: I'm trying new things. By no means is it a super-fast "muscle car", but its the best running, responsive car, more so than many muscle cars I have owned. The last owner put in a 2 1/2" all-stainless steel dual magnaflow exhaust; i did the ignition; most smog shit is removed; and the electric fans were an easy way to get some more HP. The carb works great now and the ignition is timed perfectly.

I love driving this car.

I don't know about the rest of you,but have you asked a typical carparts employee a question as simple as this?

Their faces suddenly look as if you're talking Japanese to them. It's obvious--although there are many people who love their jobs, like what they're doing and are gurus in their field and know maybe something about car parts (even basic old car parts)-- that most car parts people just have an ability to ring up a sale (and that's asking a lot in many cases).

question: how do I get these rusted out parts (TVS or the stock overheating switch out? I've soaked them with WD-40; but it's clear I'm going to have to do something else.

Any recommendations?