people who vandalize your Buicks


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don't you just love them? the pricks who F---over your car in some way, you'll know you will always find. (I do at least). I'll be that juvenille-crap makes them feel really great. a--holes.

or the vultures who wait to pick at your things

things mean nothing. the work you put into them does.

owning someone else's work is cowardice
Thanks to a serious lack of intelligence, we are having to replace some of the glass on the 63 wildcat. I guess someone found it fun to watch "time-art" shatter.


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I am a senior in highschool and this crap happens constantly, as I drive a '56 Special. Last year, I caught this kid trying to break off my hood ornament, and I grabbed his collar and told him that if he ever tried that again, I could and would run over his Honda pop-can of a car. I never saw him again.