No Spark! 455 with MSD


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I have a ’72 Buick 455 with a Crane Cam, Elderbroock Intake, 750 Holley, and MSD 6A Ignition box. Last time running it was idling in storage and shut-off on its own. Thinking it was out of gas, I added some and car would not restart. It’s now flooded and appears to not have any spark. I’ve tested ignition box according to MSD’s troubleshooting and it’s OK. Issue seems to be a distributer/points/condenser problem. No spark showing when using a bulb type spark tester on sparkplug wire.

I figure it’s time to switch to a different distributer set up without points. Anyone with experience or recommendations? Should I fit a Pertronix ignitor? Another magnetic Pickup (trigger) kit? Look for a used HEI distributer? I do not have the funds to buy a complete aftermarket distributor at this time.